Meet and Greet

Free, but mandatory.  We need to meet to make sure we are a good fit for one another.  Give me a quick tour of the house as needed for caring for the pets.  Where the leashes are kept, cleaning supplies, food/treats etc.

Cats Only Service

Scooping the litter box, fresh food and water as need.  Extended visits available for kitties too.  Cat ONLY visit does NOT include watering flowers or other light duties around the house.   If the visit takes 30 minutes to complete, we will upgrade it to a standard visit.  For very playful cats, we recommend the 30 minute, Standard Visit

15 minute visit

This is the perfect visit for the dog that simply needs let out to do their business.  Length of visit will vary depending on the needs of the dog.  Mostly used for the bedtime visit.  The visit will be approximately 15 minutes. 

30 minute visit

Our standard pet sitting service is approximately 30 minutes  and includes neighborhood walk or backyard/indoor play whichever is appropriate,  fresh water, treats, food as needed, medication administration and plenty of TLC! We can also water plants, turn on/off lights, open/close curtains or blinds and bring in the mail. We will also roll out trash bins for pick up and return the next day.  No additional charge for small caged pets or fish.  All of our pet sitting services include a complete update emailed to you after every visit to let you know how the visit went and how your pets are doing.

45 minute visit

For pets that need extra attention, we offer a session that lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes all the services of our standard service and a longer walk or outside/inside play, whichever is appropriate.

60 minute visit

This one hour visit is perfect for the high energy dog that spends 9+ hours home alone.  A mid-day one hour break will make a huge difference in the dogs life.  We'll walk, play and give lots of love

75 minute visit

75 minute visit.  This visit is designed for dogs that are prone to bloat.  We will arrive and take out for a potty break, then back inside to feed and we will quietly hang out inside for 60 minutes before taking them back outside to potty and stretch their legs.  

Birds Only

Birds will be uncovered for the day and covered back up at night, we will give fresh food and water as directed, as well as treats.   Price is per visit.  If we can not finish our duties in 15 minutes, we will upgrade the service to a 30 minute visit.  

Plants only